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While I have blogged previously, once for a semester abroad and once for a service-learning trip, this is a new endeavor.  My interests in developing this page are multi-fold.  First and foremost, I want to provide direct information to medical students on success in school in order to prepare for and complete a successful match in the field of their choice.  Having just completed the matching process, there are numerous pieces of relevant information that I had to learn from others and learned on my own.  It’s an incredibly stressful process, and not having reliable information can make it even more challenging.

While I had great mentors, I felt like there were gaps in the advice I received along the way—particularly as my home institution did not have a residency pathway for individuals right out of medical school.  Thus, I will be curating a detailed guide through medical school education based on my path, mistakes I made along the way, and what I learned through those mistakes.  Additionally, I will be compiling a series on residency application advice, specifically targeted for plastic surgery though certainly still applicable to any residency applicant. Second, as I am about to start residency, I wanted to document the various steps along the way in my plastic surgery training.  This is to provide family and friends with a detailed view of my day to day life and a tool for me to continually reflect on my training experience in order to be the best physician I can be.

This will be a learning process as I go forward both from a content perspective and organizational level. I would greatly appreciate any feedback so that I can continue to deliver the highest quality information and continually improve throughout this journey.

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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