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I was reviewing the curriculum vitae for one of my friends as we neared the due date for submitting our residency applications.  He was very well-accomplished in medical school: strong grades, involved in various student activities, and had some research experience.  He and I had collaborated on a couple of research project during medical school.  In reviewing his CV, I realized that he was missing multiple mentions of where this paper had been presented.  I pointed this out to him and he was able to add three lines to his CV!  That is substantial and it was for work he had already done.  This is one reason why regularly updating your CV throughout medical is so important, so that you don’t forget to include your experiences and successes in your application portfolio.

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For your ERAS application, be sure to get credit for everything that you do!  If you presented a poster at a medical student research day at your home institution, that counts just the same on your ERAS application (in terms of quantity) as giving that same poster at the biggest and best cardiology conference in the world.  Many departments at my institution had resident research days.  I had the opportunity to present my work (or others presented work my name was on) at those events.  Be sure to list those; other medical students already are.

If someone else presents your work, you still get credit if your name is on the project.  If you are unsure where a project may have been presented, reach out to the first-author on the paper or the senior author so you make sure to get credit where credit is due.  You worked hard on that research and sacrificed your time when you could have been doing anything else.  Reap the full benefits of your labor.

Other ways to maximize research on your residency application:

Are you getting credit for all of your hard work in medical school? Perform a full review of your experiences and make sure that you are listing all of them. 

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