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ERAS applications are due right around the corner. One of the most difficult pieces of the application is the personal statement. Your personal statement should tell a narrative that convinces programs to invite you for an interview.

Struggling getting started? Have an outline, but need some inspiration for fitting it together? Need edits on a completed draft? Have a finalized product, but want to get input from an unbiased opinion?

For all these scenarios, we provide an individualized and thorough review of the content, grammar, and flow of your personal statement. Your reviewer will have the opportunity to discuss the edits and recommendations with you so that you can maximize your benefit. Gain the advantage of an outside, unbiased perspective. Get honest feedback and advice so that you can have your best personal statement for your residency applications.


Personal Statement Editing

This is a one-time non-refundable purchase to have your personal statement reviewed, edited, and get feedback with one of our team members. Email your personal statement and a screenshot of your receipt of payment.

29.99 $

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