What People Think about USMLE Step 1 Becoming Pass/Fail

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The USMLE made an extremely impactful decision when it announced its decision to transition the USMLE Step 1 exam from a numeric score to a pass/fail grading system. These changes have sparked extensive national and international conversation on social media and within the academic literature. Here, I have compiled the most up to date commentaries on the topic. These span from generally applicable discussions of the pros and cons of the new pass/fail scoring system to specialty specific and applicant targeted advice.

If the new Step 1 pass/fail grading system applies to you, I would be sure to carefully read these articles. They offer perspectives from key stakeholders including program directors on the best ways to position yourself for success within the new Step 1 grading framework.

Must Reads

Moving Forward

Be on the look out for updates and more material from our team on how this transition in Step 1 score affects you. This will drastically affect the way that medical students should study and what material they should learn. We will be providing you with the most up to date information so that you can plan and prepare accordingly.

What do you think about Step 1 becoming pass/fail? Share your thoughts below.

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