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Submitting your residency application to ERAS can be an extremely anxiety provoking endeavor. Was there a typo on your personal statement that you missed? Did you leave off an important research project from your CV? Did all of your letters of recommendation get uploaded on time?

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On Wednesday, October 21st, 2020, everything is finalized with your application. While submitting can cause significant anxiety, trust the process. You have spent countless hours, dedicated hard work, and demonstrated perseverance to get to this point. Reflect on your journey thus far. Consider where you have come from. Realize where you are going.

Thank you for allowing our team at Med Student Edge to play a role in your journey thus far. We will continue to support you as you progress through the remainder of the application cycle with interviews, generating rank lists, and match day. We commend you on your hard work. Still, now is not the time to stop. There are many new challenges on the road ahead. Interviews are more critical this year than ever before. They present considerable unique challenges given their virtual format.

The students that do best in interviews aren’t those that speak the most eloquently or have the most gregarious personalities. The students that are the most prepared are the students that stand out to programs the most year after year. Start now. Visit our full guide of interview resources which includes a listing of the most frequently asked interview questions, each with a structured response aid. We also are excited to be offering mock interviews. Click the link for more details.

For tips on getting started, see Interview Season 101.

As questions come up, reach out. We are here to help you and help maximize your chances of matching at your dream program. Comment or contact us directly.

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