“Prudent” Medical Student Keys to Financial Success

A recent article from second year medical student Michael Tokov on the financial blog The Prudent Plastic Surgeon details five important strategies that you can employ as a medical student to begin working towards financial freedom. These tips are extremely valuable. The earlier you hear them, the better.

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The article provides a full host of resources on each topic and discusses in depth what you should know and how to use that information to develop a personal strategy. Many financial decisions that are made while you are a medical student can affect you years (and decades) down the line. Financial success as a physician begins with responsible stewardship of money as a medical student. The habits and practices you develop as a medical student will stay with you throughout residency and a career in medicine.

Five Steps for Medical Student Financial Success

  1. Read
  2. Know your loan agreements
  3. Budget
  4. Find mentors
  5. Look to the future

Be sure to check out the full post here and explore The Prudent Plastic Surgeon‘s full website.

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