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A recent article from Ohio State University carefully demonstrates how the audio/visual components of one’s Zoom experience can be dramatically improved. Sarac and colleagues discuss small changes that can be made by individuals to improve the professional appeal of their audio and video background for virtual interviews. The authors provide helpful commentary on the environment and background in which you conduct your interview from. Finally, they deliver a pressing reminder for professionalism and common etiquette that should be expected in any interview setting.

Follow these steps to stand out compared to your peers. Have you already started interviewing? It is not too late to modify your approach. Don’t worry about interviews you may have already completed. Instead, focus your efforts on optimizing your virtual interview interface.

A great way to get feedback on your interview background, audio, and presentation is by participating in one of our mock virtual interview sessions with one of our interview experts. Participating applicants have reported that they received superb feedback not only on the content of their interview responses, but also on their audio/visual presentation through a virtual interview interface by participating in our mock interview sessions.

For a full listing of ways to improve your virtual interview experience, check out our article on virtual interview musts.

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