Continual Self Improvement

As we look to turn the leaf to 2021, the new year beckons us with a natural reminder to strive towards continual self improvement. While it is commonplace for many to make personal resolutions, be sure to set academic and professional goals for yourself.

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Set a goal to learn something new each day. Read a primary research article weekly. Allot time for reviewing chest x-rays. Select a textbook and commit to reading five pages a day throughout the course of the year. Pick a task or set a manageable goal for you. Taylor it to your interests. It’s an added bonus if it also helps you in discerning the specialty to which you will apply or helps prepare you for your future field.

Perform a critical review of your CV and look for areas needing improvement. Strive to address those areas of deficiency, whether they be academic in nature, a paucity of leadership experience, or involvement in research activity.

We wish you success in the New Year. Let us know how we can continue to serve you. Our Med Student Edge team will be right here with you every step of the way.

What are your goals for 2021? What areas are you looking to improve in?

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