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To help you set goals, identify weaknesses, and formulate strategies for improvement, we are excited to offer curriculum vitae coaching sessions. These sessions are specifically tailored towards first, second, and third year medical students in order to develop strategies for achieving a competitive residency application. The earlier you are in your medical school education, the more time you have to craft the perfect CV.

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In these sessions, you will meet with one of our team members who will have already extensively reviewed your CV. You will first have a conversation to clarify what your goals are for the remainder of your time in medical school, residency, and as a future physician. Next, your coach will share with you what they have identified as strengths and weaknesses on your CV based on that discussion. Finally, the two of you will work together to set manageable goals to mitigate the weaknesses on your application and bolster your strengths.

Why is this important?

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a serious conversation like this early in medical school. Too many of my friends and colleagues discovered deficiencies in their CV late into their third year of medical school or early in their fourth year of medical school. If they would have had these discussions earlier, they would have had ample time to improve their application. While many of them still matched, they matched at programs further down on their rank list than they desired. Others did not match, entered the SOAP process, or were forced to take research years and reapply for residency.


The objectives of these sessions include:

  • Discussing your career goals
  • Critical review of your curriculum vitae
  • Identifying weaknesses on your CV
  • Acknowledging and continuing your strengths
  • Developing strategies for improvement to reach your goals

Before your coaching session, be sure to prepare by reading through our advice on compiling a curriculum vitae. If you don’t have a CV yet (even as a first or second year medical student), now is the time to start working on it.

Curriculum Vitae Coaching Session

This is a one-time non-refundable curriculum vitae coaching session for medical students. The session includes a 20 minute discussion with one of our team members. In this session, you will discuss goals, identify weaknesses, learn your strengths, and gain actionable strategies for improvement. Upon purchase, please complete the questionnaire below so that we can pair you with the most appropriate member of our team.


To provide you with the best CV coaching experience, please complete this questionnaire.

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