Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning is an imperative skill for everyone in the field of medicine. It is so important that I was asked about my personal approach to self-directed learning during a residency interview. One of my 2021 resolutions is to improve this skill. There is so much to know in medicine; no one will ever knowContinue reading “Self-Directed Learning”

My Approach to Making a Rank List

Congratulations! You have finished (or almost finished) the grueling interview season. Now it’s time to make your rank list. This can be an intimidating task that feels like it carries immense weight. But you’ve gotten this far, and all you have left is this one step. You no doubt have heard numerous approaches to makingContinue reading “My Approach to Making a Rank List”

My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

It is now 2021. The year we have all been waiting for. 2020 was one of the collectively hardest years in memory, but we can all take so much away. Let’s take the lessons of the past 365 days to make the next 365 full of progress, happiness, and success. Here are a few ofContinue reading “My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions”

Pre-Interview Morning Routine

Interview season is almost upon us! As a resident, I am very excited for the upcoming interviews to meet all the bright and capable new faces of medicine. But I also remember the nerves that plagued me on the applicant side of interviews. While I felt confident and excited, the anxiety was impossible to ignore.Continue reading “Pre-Interview Morning Routine”

Innovation and Change in Anatomy Education During COVID-19

Laboratory dissection of human body donors has long been the centerpiece of medical student anatomy education. Is there a better way to learn the intricately organized complexity of human anatomy than to trace out the three-dimensional layout with your own hands? Maybe. There are certainly available and emerging alternative options to classic cadaveric dissection. WithContinue reading “Innovation and Change in Anatomy Education During COVID-19”

How to Study Anatomy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anatomy is one of the more difficult subjects during the pre-clinical years of medical school. It involves endless rote memorization and tongue-tying Latin words. Anatomy is often the first-time medical students realize that there is often a big difference between the classic, textbook description and what is seen in reality. During normal times, anatomy isContinue reading “How to Study Anatomy During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Go to as Many Interest Group Meetings as You Can

Where I went to medical school, we had numerous “interest groups”. An interest group is a group of medical students (mostly pre-clinical years) with a common medically-themed interest who meet on a regular basis. Most medical schools have numerous interest groups available. Examples include specialty groups (surgery, pediatrics, anesthesia, etc.), advocacy/policy groups (American Medical Women’sContinue reading “Go to as Many Interest Group Meetings as You Can”

How to Make the Most of Rounds When Not Presenting

Rounding is the most important part of the day for the medical team. This is when in-depth discussions occur and daily plans of action are decided. As a medical student on clinical rotations in the hospital, your day revolves around morning rounds. For most rotations, a large part of your evaluation is based on performanceContinue reading “How to Make the Most of Rounds When Not Presenting”

How to Get Honors

Honors is a mysterious designation that means something different to each institution and each evaluator. There is no single, fail-proof way to guarantee one gets clinical honors. It is always going to come down to a certain level of subjectivity. But there are a number of elements every medical student can employ to maximize hisContinue reading “How to Get Honors”

Why Did You Not Make Honors on a Clerkship?

“Why did you not make honors on your [fill in the blank] clerkship?” Believe it or not, this was an actual question I got on an interview. I was caught completely off guard. Thankfully, I gave an answer that worked to my benefit. I want to help you prepare an answer to this question thatContinue reading “Why Did You Not Make Honors on a Clerkship?”