Welcome Interns!

We are excited to announce and introduce our two interns, Calais Nobuhara and Theo Sperber. We are so thankful to have them working with us this winter to help make Med Student Edge more user friendly and accessible to you. Read about them below, and be sure to check out our social media pages. YouContinue reading “Welcome Interns!”

Crafting the Perfect CV

To help you set goals, identify weaknesses, and formulate strategies for improvement, we are excited to offer curriculum vitae coaching sessions. These sessions are specifically tailored towards first, second, and third year medical students in order to develop strategies for achieving a competitive residency application. The earlier you are in your medical school education, theContinue reading “Crafting the Perfect CV”

How to make a rank list?

Now that you’re nearing the end of interviews, you are probably wondering how to make a rank list. Before you make a rank list, there are a couple things you should do first. Know How the Match Works Every year there are students who think that there is a strategy to outsmart the Match, beatContinue reading “How to make a rank list?”

The COVID-19 Impact on Medical School Admissions

Several of our Med Student Edge team members contributed to the national discussion of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the medical school admissions process. In their article, Dr. Gambril and colleagues outline several of the key obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced for undergraduate students interested in applying for medical school. Their perspectiveContinue reading “The COVID-19 Impact on Medical School Admissions”

Continual Self Improvement

As we look to turn the leaf to 2021, the new year beckons us with a natural reminder to strive towards continual self improvement. While it is commonplace for many to make personal resolutions, be sure to set academic and professional goals for yourself. Set a goal to learn something new each day. Read aContinue reading “Continual Self Improvement”

Remember to Say Thank You

However you may be spending the Thanksgiving holiday this year, the day serves as a good reminder to us in the interview and application process. In interviews, it is very easy to get focused on selling ourselves to programs and perfecting our pitch. In doing so, we can lose sight of some of the smallContinue reading “Remember to Say Thank You”

Interview Fatigue

As we continue to progress deeper into interview season, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of self-care and personal rejuvenation. After completing just one interview, you readily realize how completely exhausting residency interviews are. Compound this effect with virtual meet and greets and subsequent interviews, you can very quicklyContinue reading “Interview Fatigue”

Optimize Your Virtual Interview Interface

A recent article from Ohio State University carefully demonstrates how the audio/visual components of one’s Zoom experience can be dramatically improved. Sarac and colleagues discuss small changes that can be made by individuals to improve the professional appeal of their audio and video background for virtual interviews. The authors provide helpful commentary on the environmentContinue reading “Optimize Your Virtual Interview Interface”

Practice Your Interview Skills Today

With interview invitations being released, now is the time to start preparing for interviews. With┬áinterviews being conducted virtually, it is critical that you master your performance in the residency interviews. To help you perform at the highest level, we have been offering mock virtual interviews. We have enjoyed getting to work with students from allContinue reading “Practice Your Interview Skills Today”

Don’t Forget to Smile!

We’ve enjoyed working with a lot of medical students across the country through our mock virtual interviews. It has been really great working with students, getting to know them, and helping them refine their pitch to residency programs. While I’ve been impressed with each of the applicants I’ve worked with, I have to remind eachContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Smile!”