The Psychology of Interviewing

Part 2: During the Interview In my last article, I touched on science-backed ways to help prepare yourself for an interview from what clothes to wear, how to prime yourself to feel powerful, and what research to do in order to make the interview seem more conversational. From a psychological perspective, much of an interviewContinue reading “The Psychology of Interviewing”

The Psychology of Interviewing

Part 1: Before the Interview Interview season is upon us, and we all want to put our best foot forward to ensure we land the residency of our choice. I have laid out a few, science backed, ways to help you look your best in the eyes of the interviewer. While some of these thingsContinue reading “The Psychology of Interviewing”

Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse

While we’ve learned a lot from lab mice over the years through various experiments, those aren’t the mice we will be discussing today. Let me take you back a few years and tell you how principles implemented in The Walt Disney Company and the classic cartoon character Mickey Mouse can help you excel in professionalContinue reading “Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse”

Book Review: Peak Performance

Burnout. A word we never want to associate ourselves with, but the reality is we all suffer from burnout at some point in our academic career. As medical professionals, we are motivated, determined, and work countless hours, often forgoing exercise, sleep, and a social life, at the expense of our mental and physical health. ThisContinue reading “Book Review: Peak Performance”