The Most Important Factor for Board Exam Success

Time. It is the most important variable for Step 1 preparation. It is the great equalizer. Everyone has the exact same amount, but how one spends it will determine his or her board score. For the most part, people who get into medical school possess the raw intelligence and test taking ability to do wellContinue reading “The Most Important Factor for Board Exam Success”

How to Handle Being Paired with a Lazy Medical Student on Rotation

Being paired with a lazy medical student on a rotation can be a frustrating situation, especially if you are on a sub-internship in the field you desire to go into. No matter how bad he or she is, do not let it get to you. While it is upsetting and may create more work forContinue reading “How to Handle Being Paired with a Lazy Medical Student on Rotation”

Why orthopaedic surgery?

Programs will ask you about your interest in orthopaedic surgery. This question arises in at least one interview room at every program. This is a predictable question so you should develop a semi-scripted answer beforehand. First of all, be honest. Everyone has a different story. Tell yours. Your authenticity and ability to speak about yourContinue reading “Why orthopaedic surgery?”

The Benefits of Exercise in Medical School

I have valued exercise most of my adult life and found it particularly beneficial in medical school. While we all know this, it is important that I remind you of the benefits of regular exercise and its importance for your physical and mental well-being.  Making physical activity a part of your routine also establishes aContinue reading “The Benefits of Exercise in Medical School”

Choosing Orthopaedic Surgery

When I entered medical school, I convinced myself to keep an open mind during the specialty selection process so that I could find what specialty fit me best. It is difficult to learn much before starting rotations third year, immersing yourself in the hospital and seeing patients with your team. Shadowing is fun and canContinue reading “Choosing Orthopaedic Surgery”

The Importance of the Right Study Partner(s)

Having (or not having) study partners is a key decision in medical school. If you are a lone wolf studier, as many are, that is great. If you prefer the company of others or learn better as a part of a team, then carefully consider who you choose to be your study partners. “Spend timeContinue reading “The Importance of the Right Study Partner(s)”