Why I Got a MPH in Medical School

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The beautiful thing about medicine is that there are so many ways to go about helping people. It takes many different careers to maneuver the healthcare infrastructure in this country. I have always been interested in learning more about the various factors that influence how people interact with their health. I believe this is whatContinue reading “Why I Got a MPH in Medical School”

Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse

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While we’ve learned a lot from lab mice over the years through various experiments, those aren’t the mice we will be discussing today. Let me take you back a few years and tell you how principles implemented in The Walt Disney Company and the classic cartoon character Mickey Mouse can help you excel in professionalContinue reading “Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse”

Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 1)

Alan Gambril, MD
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Don’t Do What I Did One of my biggest pitfalls as a medical student was my fear of stretching myself too thin. Grades have always been important to me. Like many medical students, I feel a strong sense of identity and accomplishment in my academic performance. As I began medical school, I was naturally apprehensiveContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 1)”