International Medical Rotations

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This past spring, I had the pleasure of spending a month with our site’s founder, Dr. Carter Boyd, doing a general surgery rotation at a public hospital in Lima, Peru. At our medical school, we have an Office of International Medical Education (IME), whose mission is to provide students both research and clinical experiences abroad.Continue reading “International Medical Rotations”


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If you are like me, then you probably have trouble staying organized while obtaining a problem-focused history. I have found that I must rely on frameworks and schemas to keep all the information straight. The framework I use most often is the mnemonic “OLD CARTS.” It stands for Onset, Location, Duration, Character, Aggravating/Alleviating factors, Radiation,Continue reading “OLD CARTS”

How to prepare for surgical cases as a medical student

Like most students in medical school, I was excited to leave the classroom behind when I started clinical rotations. While being in the hospital is certainly more exciting than the library, this new setting requires a shift in learning style. The clear framework of the classroom-based pre-clinical curriculum (syllabi, lectures, PowerPoints, book chapters, labs, etc)Continue reading “How to prepare for surgical cases as a medical student”

How to Make the Most of Rounds When Not Presenting

Rounding is the most important part of the day for the medical team. This is when in-depth discussions occur and daily plans of action are decided. As a medical student on clinical rotations in the hospital, your day revolves around morning rounds. For most rotations, a large part of your evaluation is based on performanceContinue reading “How to Make the Most of Rounds When Not Presenting”

How to Get Honors

Honors is a mysterious designation that means something different to each institution and each evaluator. There is no single, fail-proof way to guarantee one gets clinical honors. It is always going to come down to a certain level of subjectivity. But there are a number of elements every medical student can employ to maximize hisContinue reading “How to Get Honors”

How to Handle Being Paired with a Lazy Medical Student on Rotation

Being paired with a lazy medical student on a rotation can be a frustrating situation, especially if you are on a sub-internship in the field you desire to go into. No matter how bad he or she is, do not let it get to you. While it is upsetting and may create more work forContinue reading “How to Handle Being Paired with a Lazy Medical Student on Rotation”