Innovation and Change in Anatomy Education During COVID-19

Laboratory dissection of human body donors has long been the centerpiece of medical student anatomy education. Is there a better way to learn the intricately organized complexity of human anatomy than to trace out the three-dimensional layout with your own hands? Maybe. There are certainly available and emerging alternative options to classic cadaveric dissection. WithContinue reading “Innovation and Change in Anatomy Education During COVID-19”

EXCLUSIVE: Application Cycle Pearls with Dr. Pierre B. Saadeh – Program Director NYU Plastic Surgery

In the second of many interviews with program directors around the country, we had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Pierre B. Saadeh, the plastic surgery residency program director at the NYU Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery—widely regarded as the top plastic surgery program in the country. Read below to hear his thoughts on the challengesContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Application Cycle Pearls with Dr. Pierre B. Saadeh – Program Director NYU Plastic Surgery”

Virtual Interview Musts

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews are going to be conducted virtually for the 2020-2021 application cycle.  The AAMC has released tips for applicants interviewing virtually, and I would be sure to read through them. Here are a few thoughts on what else you should be considering: First, bring a healthy dose of patience into the process. Continue reading “Virtual Interview Musts”

Special: Away Rotations for 2020

Away rotations were a very important part of my fourth year of medical school as they are for many medical students applying to a wide range of specialties.  Audition rotations or sub-internships give students a unique opportunity to work directly with programs, meet new faculty and residents, garner letters of recommendation, and learn a tremendousContinue reading “Special: Away Rotations for 2020”