Making the Most of Each Interview

Bailey Roberts, MD
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Congratulations! You made it to the interview phase of residency applications. After combing through thousands of applicants, someone thought you might make a good fit for their program! But still, they are interviewing a couple hundred applicants that are very qualified—just like you. In fact, your interviewer alone will probably talk to 20-30 people throughoutContinue reading “Making the Most of Each Interview”

Pre-Interview Morning Routine

Interview season is almost upon us! As a resident, I am very excited for the upcoming interviews to meet all the bright and capable new faces of medicine. But I also remember the nerves that plagued me on the applicant side of interviews. While I felt confident and excited, the anxiety was impossible to ignore.Continue reading “Pre-Interview Morning Routine”

It’s Here! Mock Virtual Interviews

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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With residency applications submitted, interviews are right around the corner. Even though you may not have invitations yet, now is the time to start preparing for interviews. With interviews being conducted virtually, it is critical that you master your performance in the residency interviews. To help you perform at the highest level, we are excitedContinue reading “It’s Here! Mock Virtual Interviews”