The Psychology of Interviewing

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Part 1: Before the Interview Interview season is upon us, and we all want to put our best foot forward to ensure we land the residency of our choice. I have laid out a few, science backed, ways to help you look your best in the eyes of the interviewer. While some of these thingsContinue reading “The Psychology of Interviewing”

How to prepare for surgical cases as a medical student

Like most students in medical school, I was excited to leave the classroom behind when I started clinical rotations. While being in the hospital is certainly more exciting than the library, this new setting requires a shift in learning style. The clear framework of the classroom-based pre-clinical curriculum (syllabi, lectures, PowerPoints, book chapters, labs, etc)Continue reading “How to prepare for surgical cases as a medical student”

Tell me about this specific research project.

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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While interviewers often ask general questions, they may also ask about individual lines on your CV such as a specific research project or other activity. This possibility is one reason to know every detail that is listed on your CV. If asked about a specific research project, there are several items of information you shouldContinue reading “Tell me about this specific research project.”