How do you handle stress?

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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Any residency training program is undoubtedly going to have an element of stress. Unfortunately, stress can bring out some of our worst qualities, habits, and tendencies. This is only amplified when stressful situations arise in the background of fatigue and sleep deprivation common among residents. Programs know that every resident will be stressed or placedContinue reading “How do you handle stress?”

The Benefits of Exercise in Medical School

I have valued exercise most of my adult life and found it particularly beneficial in medical school. While we all know this, it is important that I remind you of the benefits of regular exercise and its importance for your physical and mental well-being.  Making physical activity a part of your routine also establishes aContinue reading “The Benefits of Exercise in Medical School”

Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 3)

What if I Do Overstretch Myself? In Part 1, I discussed the many missed opportunities that arose from my fear of taking on new roles. In Part 2, I reviewed strategies for taking on new roles and your ability to handle more than you think. Here, I will discuss how to recognize if you doContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 3)”