Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning is an imperative skill for everyone in the field of medicine. It is so important that I was asked about my personal approach to self-directed learning during a residency interview. One of my 2021 resolutions is to improve this skill. There is so much to know in medicine; no one will ever knowContinue reading “Self-Directed Learning”

Developing Mentoring Relationships (Part 1)

Prior to entering medical school, I worked at a consulting firm in Washington, DC. The environment was fast-paced. I needed to learn on the job, so I found a mentor. She pulled me aside after a meeting and said point blank, “I want to help, but you need to keep me accountable. Find a system.”Continue reading “Developing Mentoring Relationships (Part 1)”

My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

It is now 2021. The year we have all been waiting for. 2020 was one of the collectively hardest years in memory, but we can all take so much away. Let’s take the lessons of the past 365 days to make the next 365 full of progress, happiness, and success. Here are a few ofContinue reading “My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions”

Crafting the Perfect CV

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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To help you set goals, identify weaknesses, and formulate strategies for improvement, we are excited to offer curriculum vitae coaching sessions. These sessions are specifically tailored towards first, second, and third year medical students in order to develop strategies for achieving a competitive residency application. The earlier you are in your medical school education, theContinue reading “Crafting the Perfect CV”

How do you handle stress?

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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Any residency training program is undoubtedly going to have an element of stress. Unfortunately, stress can bring out some of our worst qualities, habits, and tendencies. This is only amplified when stressful situations arise in the background of fatigue and sleep deprivation common among residents. Programs know that every resident will be stressed or placedContinue reading “How do you handle stress?”

How to Ask for Constructive Feedback

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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As you progress through various rotations, ask for constructive feedback. It will make you a better medical student and better physician. Who to ask? Ask anyone on the team that you had meaningful and consistent interactions with to provide you with constructive feedback. This list may include the attending, residents, interns, and older medical studentsContinue reading “How to Ask for Constructive Feedback”

The Value of Reflection

My medical school occasionally required us to turn in written assignments where we would have to reflect on certain rotations or clinical exercises, as is commonplace across the country. Though it may seem like frivolous busywork, there is substantial value in regular reflection. Regular reflection helps you develop a skill set that will aid yourContinue reading “The Value of Reflection”