Mentoring Up: General Principles

This is our second installment on a mini-series on “Mentoring Up”. For a general overview on developing relationships with mentors, see part 1. Here we will take a deep dive into the specifics of taking control of your mentor relationships. Why do I need to ‘mentor up’? Once you’ve found a mentor, they are investedContinue reading “Mentoring Up: General Principles”

Continual Self Improvement

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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As we look to turn the leaf to 2021, the new year beckons us with a natural reminder to strive towards continual self improvement. While it is commonplace for many to make personal resolutions, be sure to set academic and professional goals for yourself. Set a goal to learn something new each day. Read aContinue reading “Continual Self Improvement”

Interview Fatigue

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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As we continue to progress deeper into interview season, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of self-care and personal rejuvenation. After completing just one interview, you readily realize how completely exhausting residency interviews are. Compound this effect with virtual meet and greets and subsequent interviews, you can very quicklyContinue reading “Interview Fatigue”

The Psychology of Interviewing

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Part 1: Before the Interview Interview season is upon us, and we all want to put our best foot forward to ensure we land the residency of our choice. I have laid out a few, science backed, ways to help you look your best in the eyes of the interviewer. While some of these thingsContinue reading “The Psychology of Interviewing”

EXCLUSIVE: Advice from Program Directors on How to Succeed in the 2021 Residency Application Cycle

Take a deep breath. Actually, take two deep breaths. Great, now let’s talk about applying for residencies, but more specifically, let’s talk about what applying for residency in the year 2020-2021 will look like. This year is different for many reasons, but the main difference is that applicants this year will do their interviews viaContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Advice from Program Directors on How to Succeed in the 2021 Residency Application Cycle”

Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse

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While we’ve learned a lot from lab mice over the years through various experiments, those aren’t the mice we will be discussing today. Let me take you back a few years and tell you how principles implemented in The Walt Disney Company and the classic cartoon character Mickey Mouse can help you excel in professionalContinue reading “Book Review: Lessons from the Mouse”

How to Get Honors

Honors is a mysterious designation that means something different to each institution and each evaluator. There is no single, fail-proof way to guarantee one gets clinical honors. It is always going to come down to a certain level of subjectivity. But there are a number of elements every medical student can employ to maximize hisContinue reading “How to Get Honors”

The Secret to Medical School

Congratulations. For some of you, getting accepted to medical school was a pipe dream; for some of you, it was something that you had to apply multiple times for; for some of you, it was something you always planned on doing and you got accepted on the first time with relative ease. Regardless, you areContinue reading “The Secret to Medical School”

How to perform well on an acting internship

Carter J. Boyd, MD, MBA
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An acting internship represents a unique opportunity and challenge for medical students. The acting internship is a nice transition from clerkships to intern year adding volume and responsibility to your workload. Acting internships are important for your residency applications as letters of recommendation often stem from these experiences. You want to perform well and demonstrateContinue reading “How to perform well on an acting internship”

The Importance of the Right Study Partner(s)

Having (or not having) study partners is a key decision in medical school. If you are a lone wolf studier, as many are, that is great. If you prefer the company of others or learn better as a part of a team, then carefully consider who you choose to be your study partners. “Spend timeContinue reading “The Importance of the Right Study Partner(s)”