Book Review: Peak Performance

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Burnout. A word we never want to associate ourselves with, but the reality is we all suffer from burnout at some point in our academic career. As medical professionals, we are motivated, determined, and work countless hours, often forgoing exercise, sleep, and a social life, at the expense of our mental and physical health. ThisContinue reading “Book Review: Peak Performance”

Five Habits to Establish as a First Year Medical Student

Over the next several weeks first year medical students all over the country will be embarking on the beginning of their medical education. Getting accepted into medical school is huge accomplishment that denotes a level of commitment and perseverance over several years. With the daunting task of medical school facing you, it is important toContinue reading “Five Habits to Establish as a First Year Medical Student”

Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 3)

What if I Do Overstretch Myself? In Part 1, I discussed the many missed opportunities that arose from my fear of taking on new roles. In Part 2, I reviewed strategies for taking on new roles and your ability to handle more than you think. Here, I will discuss how to recognize if you doContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Yourself (Part 3)”